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“Sound vibration and music have a powerful potential to support health and wellness.”

Sound Therapy And The Healing Power Of Sound

Sound as a healing tool for health and wellness has been around for thousands of years. SonicRx's combine both ancient wisdom's and modern technology to give you the most effective sound therapy remedies on the market today.

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The concept of sound as a healing modality is based on a twofold concept.

Firstly, that everything is in a state of vibration, and has a natural resonant frequency.

For example, when tubular Bell is struck, it will make a sound of a certain note depending on the length of the tube.

So that being said every cell of our body, every organ, has a natural resonant frequency.

Secondly, through the process of what is called entrainment, 2 things vibrating at different frequencies will eventually align so that they are vibrating at the same frequency.

If one of the frequencies, in this case a SonicRx does not change in frequency, the vibrating object, the cells of the liver for example, will be gently guided into that frequency.

The frequencies in each SonicRx are in harmony with the bodies natural resonant frequencies.

The wonderful thing about this form of vibrational sound healing therapy is that there are no side effects.

Sound Healing Concepts

SonicRx Sound Healing Therapy Library
SonicRx Sound Healing Therapy Library