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SonicRx FAQ

SonicRx Sound Helaing Remedy FAQ
Can I listen to SonicRx remedies while driving?
No. SonicRx are not to be listened to while driving, as they create a space of relaxation in the body. SonicRx cannot be held responsible for any injuries incurred while driving, handling heavy equipment or operating machinery.
Can I use SonicRx remedies with other modalities of treatment?
Yes you can. Continue any treatments that you are on, and do not discontinue without consulting your physician. Refer to our Medcial Disclaimer.
Are there any side effects?
There are no know side effects. We recommend listening at a level that is comfortable to protect your hearing.
Can everyone use SonicRx remedies?
Yes. They can be used at any age. Small children can also listen to them with parental guidence to keep the volume level comfortable for the child.
Can I use several SonicRx Remedies at the same time?
Yes. If you are working through several conditons at the same time, we recommend contacting us to create a custom SonicRx remedies that fits your current state of health.
Why do you use PayPal for SonicRx remedy purchases?
We currently use PayPal, because it is the most effecient and most sucure method of payment availbale that we trust. PayPal has a world reputation that protects you the customer as well as the merchant. Purchasing through PayPal brings comfort to our customers.

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What is a SonicRx sound healing remedy?
A SonicRx sound healing remedy is an advanced sound healing recording that using sound-wave frequencies to assist in re-balancing the body of disease. Each SonicRx includes carefully calibrated frequencies designed to treat a specific disease or condition.
Are SonicRx sound healing remedies medical treatment?
Some governmental regulations regarding holistic and alternative healing approaches, in several countries, require us to state the following: SonicRx remedies are not a medical or mental treatment and should not be used as a substitute for conventional health care, especially if you have specific symptoms that have been diagnosed by a physician, and if treatment has been recommended. If you suffer from any medical condition we recommend that you consult a medical doctor. Using SonicRx remedies should never, under any circumstances, prevent, delay, postpone or alter professional medical care. Please refer to our Non-Medical statement.
Are SonicRx sound healing safe to use?
SonicRx remedies are totally non-invasive and a completely safe method. To protect your ears listen to the SonicRx remedies at a comfortable level that is right for you. Treatment that includes frequencies is approved by the US administration for chronic and acute pain relief. All SonicRx remedies operate within frequency ranges similar to the approved models.
How many times a day should I listen to a SonicRx remedy?
We recommend 2 to 3 times a day.
How long should I use SonicRx remedies?
As long as your body needs to come back into a space of wellness, and the condition has improved.
Do I need special sound equipment?
No. Good quality headphones or earphones are all you need.

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