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Sound Healing Remedies For Relaxation

“Sound vibration and music have a powerful potential to support health and wellness.”


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Harmonic Dreams:
Deep rest and relaxation

Harmonic Dreams is a very special soundscape, creating a space for complete, deep relaxation. Follow the airy flute, angelic harp, gentle piano and rich, soothing, warming strings on a journey infused with Reiki and healing love to a place of peace and stillness within.
Luna Ascension:
Soothing and claming

A carefully crafted sonic landscape for deep relaxation and inner transformation. A rich hour long musical journey infused with Reiki and loving intention. Through special tuning techniques and brainwave entrainment, Lunar Ascension guides your whole being into a sacred space of healing.

432 and Harmosync recording

Portal To The Stars:
Deep sleep and dreams
Relax into a sonic tapestry of richly beautiful music. An hour long musical soundscape created to assist you in your to travels to other galaxies and beyond. The music combines special tuning techniques and brainwave entrainment for a deeply enriching experience.

432 and Harmosync recording

108 Breath Mantra Meditation: Vol.1:
Two powerful sound and breath balancing meditations.
Two deep and powerful guided meditations combining mantra repetition, controlled breathing techniques, Reiki, and brainwave entrainment, cradled in beautiful soothing music tuned to the harmony of the universe.

432 and Harmosync recording

Beyond Words:
Beautiful relaxing piano.

Beautiful piano to soothe the heart and soul. Relax and enjoy!
Voice Of Angels:
Beautiful relaxing piano.

An hour of beautiful piano to soothe the heart and soul.
SonicRx Sound Healing Therapy Logo

This page is focused on relaxation for the body, mind and spirit, through the music of Timothy Surya Das, the founder of SonicRx.

It has been shown through scientifc research that relaxation enables the body to do what it does naturally - heal.

Each recording has been carefully created to support you in releasing into a space of deep relaxation and well-being, and like the SonicRx Remedies they include special recording and tuning techniques, brainwave entrainment and are infused with Reiki.