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“Sound vibration and music have a powerful potential to support health and wellness.”

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Sound frequency Tones
Each SonicRx remedy has sound therapy frequencies that are specific for each conditions and treatments.
Finely tuned musical soundscapes
Finely tuned musical soundscapes have be carefully recorded that harmonize perfectly to the sound therapy frequencies.
Special musical tuning scales
The music is played in special tuning scales that have been scientifically proven to be harmonious to the bodies natural resonance.
Brainwave entrainment technology (Harmosync)
It has been scientifically proven that the body heals faster when in a relaxed state. Special brainwave entrainment technology called Harmosync has been embedded in the recordings to support relaxation of the mind facilitating faster healing.
Reiki infused music
Timothy Surya Das, the founder of SonicRx, is a certified Reiki master and sound engineer. Through special recording techniques and the power of intention, he personnal infuses each SonicRx remedy with Reiki energy.

SonicRx sound healing remedies combine many years of scientific research in sound vibration and holistic medicine to support the bodies natural ability to heal.

SonicRx sound healing remedies a made with a carefully balanced combination of sonic and energetic components.

SonicRx Components

All SonicRx sound healing remedies include the following components:

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