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“Sound vibration and music have a powerful potential to support health and wellness.”

The human body is made up of the following known systems :

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Select a system from the list below, or scroll through the images, and click on the image related to your current condition.

SonicRx Remedies By Systems Of The Body

List Of Systems Of The Body

Systems Of The Body

  • Cardiovascular System

    Cardiovascular System

  • Digestive System

    Digestive System

  • Endocrine System

    Endocrine System

  • Immune System

    Immune System

  • Intergumentary System

    Intergumentary System

  • Lymphatic System

    Lymphatic System

  • Muscular System

    Muscular System

  • Nervous System

    Nervous System

  • Female Reproductive System

    Female Reproductive System

  • Male Reproductive System

    Male Reproductive System

  • Respiratory System

    Respiratory System

  • Sensory Organs

    Sensory Organs

  • Skelatal System

    Skelatal System

  • Urinary System

    Urinary System